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We provide the beauty massage and spa treatment services. The treatment will usually be more cosmetic in nature where wellness services usually have more to do with your health.


Massage & Spa treatment

"Our treatment is one of balance - between the traditional and the modern , and between the nature and city.

To enter CE´ is to embraced by the delicate place much of it with storied past and our tratments are rooted in the same simplicity and reverence for nature.

CE Vegan and Organic

The products we use are plant - based and whenever possible , organic. Our staff, Who are experts in ancient as well as modern healing techniques, approach their task as art with devotion , dedication and compassion.


CE specializes in eyelash extensions.

Our techniccians are ture artists, and their work is simply amazing. Choose from Classic, Hybrid or Volume Application options, avilable in both Natural and Glamour look.

We also offers lash liffs and volume to your natural lashes with a nourishing lash lift (w/tint) or lash extension.



CE Nail care focused on wellness We offering non-toxic products and mindful experiences. Nail care are form of self - care and we are passionate in every step of our clients wellness journey whether it´s in our clinic